Xarelto Lawsuit Information


Product liability lawsuits are available to patients who have suffered bleeding-related injuries, strokes, pulmonary embolisms, deep vein thrombosis, and heart attacks due to the use of the prescription drugs. Most of these lawsuits are against the manufacturers  of the pharmaceutical drug Xarelto  and similar blood thinning products

These lawsuits are filed for many reasons  however, the most common reason is to recover financial compensation for a patient’s injuries and the tremendous expenses associated with treatment  as well as the potential hardship caused to families who suffer a financial burden due to the products damaging effects.  Large companies and manufacturers  of pharmaceutical drugs must be held accountable and when a person dies due to the faults of others, wrongful death lawsuit’s can recover damages to assist  with various expenses including loss of income and companionship.

Although my office does not specialize in products liability actions, I am always happy to make myself available to discuss various legal options, provide informationand and assist in obtaining well-qualified, competent counsel  for representation.