Hard work and diligence

Many years ago I received a phone call from a friend who worked at the Orlando Police Department. My friend advised that a co-worker’s 13 month old child was severely injured at a local daycare. After speaking with the parents of the child and contacting law-enforcement, I learned that the father of the child was initially being investigated for aggravated child abuse. The child’s mother fully supported and defended her husband/my client. After conducting investigation including a polygraph examination that my client passed, law enforcement agreed that the father of the child was not responsible for the injuries and focused their investigation on the daycare facility as well as their workers. Eventually, one of the caregivers at the daycare was arrested and prosecuted.

The daycare failed to adequately supervise one of their employees and was responsible for civil damages. My office, along with Central Florida attorney Sid Parrish, pursued a personal injury claim. The injuries to the child were severe and lifetime assistance would be required. Subsequent to initiating the lawsuit, we learned that the daycare facility had let their insurance policy lapse. Unbelievable! A reputable daycare facility in Central Florida failed to make timely payments to guarantee insurance coverage. Not withstanding, Mr. Parrish was able to establish a pattern and practice of the insurance company accepting late payments from the day care facility. The hard work, diligence and tenacity of Mr. Parrish assisted the family in obtaining a favorable result. Please understand that, in any personal injury action, even a tremendous financial recovery, does not change the fact that somebody was injured, sometimes irreparably, by the negligence of others. I see commercials on TV that make it appear as though a personal injury case (automobile accident or otherwise) is akin to winning the lottery. A person who is injured by the negligence of another, is not lucky and there is nothing good about being injured. It’s critical, when hiring an attorney for any legal matters, to make sure that the attorney enjoys a professional reputation and is available to answer questions. The initial steps in legal representation are often times the very most important. The greater majority of the well respected, hard-working and diligent attorneys do not advertise. Over the years, I’ve relied upon referrals from previous clients, attorneys and friends to maintain my practice. When hiring an attorney, it is very important to meet with the attorney and research the attorneys reputation in the community. Please feel free to contact my office if I can ever be of any assistance.